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TRAILER LINK                        BURNED COCOON

                                            YANIK KOZA

        CAST:  Colpan Ilhan, Yavuz Bingol, Mete Horozoglu,   Synopsis
        Sedef Avcı, Basak Koklukaya         Çelebis is a rooted, reputable and successful family from Bursa. Today, their father has
        GENRE: Drama                        turned  the  workplace  he  established  years  ago  as  a  small  workshop  into  the  most
        PRODUCER: Limon Yapım               developed textile factory of the country and had become the owner of a huge holding
                                            that exports goods all over the world. His elder son Galip is a handsome, charismatic
        DURATION: 105 X 45 min
                                            and successful businessman. He is married to the young and beautiful Hanzade and
                                            they have a son. The unhappiness between these two persons seems to have ceased
                                            with the birth of their son. Galip, who is excessively keen on his son Omer Asaf, gave up
                                            on his expectations of love and happiness out of marriage and he concentrated on
                                            being a good father and being successful in business life.A critical secret is being kept
                                            in this family, where everything seems perfect. The inside of the family is actually a
                                            Burned Cocoon. The destiny of Galip Celebi and entire family turn upside down as a
                                            result  of  a  terrible  accident. The  big  secret  that  was  experienced  ten  years  ago  is
                                            revealed in an autumn day… That big family is not even a real family.
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