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TRAILER LINK                        THE YARD

       EPISODE 1                            AVLU

       EPISODE 2

        CAST: Demet evgar, Ceren moray, Nursal köse  Set  n a female pr son  n Istanbul, The Yard boasts act on-packed stor es of surv val as
        D rector: Se f Sbe                  the  nmates are thrown together to tackle l fe beh nd bars. W th unexpected tw sts and
                                            turns on top of the heartbreak, humour and d v ded loyalt es of pr son l fe – the ser es
        YEAR:  2018 On Go ng
                                            prom ses h gh  stakes and edge-of-your-seat  v ew ng as  the  characters  attempt  to
        Durat on: 120 x 45 M n              surv ve on the  ns de. After be ng subjected to ongo ng v olence by her husband, Den z
        GENRE:  Cr me, Drama                 s arrested on charges of h s murder. She  s sent to pr son where she  nds herself caught
                                             n the m ddle of a b tter r valry between Azra and Alp – the leaders of two notor ous ja l
                                            gangs. Desp te want ng to avo d trouble so she can return home to her daughter, Den z
                                             s unavo dably drawn  nto the warr ng gangs, as each leader desperately f ghts to ga n
                                            her support. And when Den z  s found near the body of a murdered pr son warden, she
                                             s put on tr al for a far more ser ous sentence, one that w ll see her  mpr soned for a long
                                            t me. Now Den z w ll have to adapt to the new l fe  n pr son; f nd ng a way to cope w th
                                            the real t es of be ng separeted from her daughter and yhe old l fe she used to lead.
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