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                                            BENİM İÇİN ÜZÜLME

        CAST: Fulya Zenginer, Selin Sekerci, Tansel Ongel,   The story begins when Sinan goes to the boat with his father and his wealthy friend
        Oyku Celik                          Yilmaz and get caught to the storm. Sinan manages to save Yilmaz but unfortunately,
        Director: Mahsun Kırmızıgül         loses his father who drowned. Because of his loss and also by the fact that he couldn’t
        YEAR:  2016                         save his father, Sinan, can’t get over the guiltiness and decides to leave the village, and
                                            hadn’t returned there after finishing his studies and joining the army abroad. After the
        Duration: 156 x 45 Min
                                            army, Yilmaz who owes his life to Sinan puts him at the head of his company. However,
        GENRE: Drama                        when Sinan meets Yilmaz’s beautiful wife Bahar, it is love at first sight and they cannot
        BROADCASTER: Show TV                resist getting closer. Moreover, Bahar’s brother Harun and Sinan’s brother Niyazi will fall
                                            in love for the same person, Dicle, a Kurdish girl who came to the village as a cook. This
                                            will cause an enmity between the two families. Niyazi’s mother is against her son’s
                                            marriage with Dicle but his family will still go to ask for the girl’s hand. However, the
                                            same night, Dicle’s problematic cousin Serhat, who is also in love with her kills Ahmet,
                                            Sinan and Niyazi’s little brother, thinking that he is Niyazi. Despite thedramatic night,
                                            Dicle  will  be  Niyazi’s  fiancée  but  his  mother  will  constantly  tell  her  that  she  was
                                            responsible for her son Ahmet’s death. On the other side, Bahar and Sinan will get
                                            closer and closer with time which will turn into a passionate and dangerous love. In
                                            brief,  one  forbidden  love,  the  hate  between  two  families  and  the  love  between  a
                                            Kurdish girl and Northern-Turk’s love story that turns into a tragedy will be told..
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