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TRAILER LINK                        SAMRA

        CAST: Nadine Nassib Njeim, Ahmad Fahmi, Toni   They are said to be nomadic, tribes roaming about from place to place aimlessly. They
        lssa                                live in tents and houses of tin, on the periphery of society, sidelined, and downgraded
        Director: Rasha Sharbatji           . Settled on a small piece of a remote land in Lebanon, the children of their camp
        YEAR:  2016                         contracted a deadly virus, and a mission from Doctors Without Borders was sent to the
                                            camp  to  examine  the  cases.  But  in  the  midst  of  chaos,  Tamer,  a  handsome  and
        Duration: 60 x 45 Min
                                            good-natured young doctor, found himself unexpectedly struck by an indescribable
        GENRE:  Romance, Drama              beauty: Samra, a woman of extraordinary splendor, astonishingly pretty with exquisite
                                            simplicity, a gypsy-like dancer who turneci death and poverty and fear and pain into a
                                            mystical dance - a magical moment of shadows and lights. Was it a strange turn of fate
                                            that brought Tamer and Samra together? He, son of a renowned Egyptian family, a
                                            prominent doctor living with his lovely educated wife in Dubai, left a whole life behind
                                            for the love of Samra. She, daughter of poverty, of spring of injustice and illiteracy, child
                                            of  the  place  where  pain  breeds  wolves  and  joy  resides  in  far-of   lands.  Are  they
                                            conscious of the great social distance that separates them? Are they strong enough to
                                            live up to their love promise? Is it the lure of infatuation? Or is it love, strong enough to
                                            override  all  social  considerations? Will  those  dif erences  in  wealth  and  culture  and
                                            social  classes  resurface  with  vehement  force  to  play  havoc  with  their  relationship?
                                            Samra, a captivating story that follows the lives of a group of marginalized people,
                                            banished by life ... and rescued by love .
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