The story takes place in Istanbul during the September 1955 pogrom Behçet is the only son of a father who is closely related to the government and bureaucracy, due to his strong influence in Antakya.

While he is studying as an assistant researcher in the faculty of law in Istanbul, he falls under the sway of the extreme nationalist movement, as a result of his raising and the influential role model of his father.

The only thing that causes Behçet to stumble in the movement she joins is Elena, whom he secretly watches from his house. Elena is a Greek prostitute, exploited by her grandmother after her mother abandoned them. Elena is aware that she is observed by Behçet and falls in love with him. They get close to each other, which does not please Behçet’s father and his political party.

The death of his friend Suat and his father’s role with party leaders to destroy dissident voices push Behçet to reconsider his political affiliation.

Behçet finds Elena dead after being hit by the activist. He takes her and remembers the words she said while lying on the bed in her apartment.


Pain of Autumn

Drama, History

C Yapım

112 Min

Murat Yıldırım, Beren Saat, Okan Yalabık, Belçim Bilgin, İlker Aksum