Settled on a small piece of remote land in Lebanon, the children of a nomadic camp are infected with a deadly virus. A delegation from Doctors Without Borders is sent to the camp to examine the cases.

Tamer, a handsome and good-natured young doctor in the delegation, unexpectedly immerses himself in an indescribable beauty. Samra is a woman of extraordinary magnificence, stunningly beautiful in her elegant simplicity. A gypsy-like dancer who transforms death, poverty, fear, and pain into a mystical dance, a magical moment of shadows and lights.

Was it a game of fate that brought Tamer and Samra together? The son of a famous Egyptian family, a well-known doctor living in Dubai with his well-educated beautiful wife, leaves a whole life behind for the love of Samra.

Are they conscious of the great social distance that separates them? Are they strong enough to live up to their love promise? Will these differences in wealth, culture, and social class hurt their relationships?

Samra is a fascinating story that follows the lives of a group of marginalized people exiled by life and saved by love.




Drama, Romance


Cedars Art


45 Min. x 60 Episodes


Nadine Nassib Njeim, Ahmad Fahmi, Toni lssa