Cennet is a strong woman who has endured her life full of cruelty in Mardin for years. She is a mother and a laborer but does not rebel.

She has only one wish, that her children do not share the same fate as her.

When she finds out that his daughter has the right to study at a university in Istanbul, she is the happiest person in the world. In the end, it was worth all the hardships they went through. But this joy does not last long. Because the same girl has already been sold to the village chief. When she learns this, Cennet loses her temper. Now there are only two options left. Flee or die.


Göç Zamanı




Limon Film


45 Min. x 42 Episodes



Vahide Perçin, Talat Bulut, Tilbe Saran, Cansu Tosun