Aslı, the daughter of an art-related mother and a professor father, is studying at the conservatory. One day, Aslı’s life takes a completely different turn when a thief steals her purse while walking in Beyoğlu.

Kerem, who witnessed the incident in the meantime, helps Aslı, who is in great fear after the incident. He finds the purse and delivers it to Aslı. Aslı and Kerem, who met thanks to this unpleasant event, continue to meet and soon start a beautiful relationship.

When Kerem sees that their worlds are very different from each other, he does not tell his girlfriend the truth about himself. He introduces himself as a finance expert and hides the fact that his father is the head of the biggest snatch gang in Istanbul.

However, the events that happened caused their happiest days to turn into a day they will never forget.


True Romantic

Romance, Comedy, Drama

Dada Film

97 Min

Onur Tuna, Tuvana Türkay, Altan Erkekli, Durul Bazan, Sermiyan Midyat