Al Hayba is an area located on the borders between Syria and Lebanon. Jabal, a young, strong-willed man, and his clan, Sheikh El Jabal, control arms trading and smuggling at the borders. Jabal and his family lead a modern lifestyle, yet, he still relies on the traditional customs of the clan to solve problems.

The family receives news of the death of their son, Adel, who fled to Canada more than 15 years ago due to a feud. After ten years of silence, Adel returns home in a coffin with his wife and his only son, named after his brother Jabal.

The family has an ongoing historic feud with another powerful family, the Saeed clan in the village of Hayba. The two families constantly struggle against one another, along with internal strife. However, with stories that never end and wounds that never heal, how this family will survive in this lawless village?


Al Hayba


Drama, Romance


Cedars Art


45 Min. x 120 Episodes



Taim Hasan, Nadine Nassib Njeim, Abdo Chahine