Yasemin and Şule are very close friends. While Şule is kind and friendly, Yasemin is selfish, cruel, jealous, and greedy.

After her mother’s suicide, Şule learns that her father is Nahit Saylan, a wealthy businessman and a member of parliament.Although Yasemin seems to support her friend in this process, her actual purpose is to reach Şule’s wealthy father.

Yasemin somehow manages to attract Nahit’s attention and soon makes Nahit fall in love with her. What he has achieved is not enough for Yasemin. She begins to make plans to get married and seize all of Nahit’s property. However, she falls in love with someone else. But this love does not prevent Yasemin from realizing her plans.

This series received the highest ratings when aired on television and has become a television legend with a story full of intrigue.


Kara Melek






45 Min. x 160 Episodes



Sanem Çelik, Ece Uslu, Mustafa Alabora, Halit Ergenç