The blind has no sight but can you see what he sees?

Ashik is a love story inspired by the true story of Ashik Veysel, the prominent master of a thousand years old ashik (folk literature poet) traditions in Anatolia.

Blinded by smallpox at the age of seven, Veysel falls madly in love with Esma. Although they get married and have children, Esma does not allow them to fall in love and runs away with Mehmet. Unable to handle this situation, Veysel sets out for the first time with his friend, violinist Kurd Kasım, from his homeland where he was born and raised. Thus begins the long, thin journey that makes Veysel, Ashik Veysel.

By hitting the road with an enormous pain of love, Veysel matures himself with sorrow and finds divine love and at last, transforms himself into the folk poet, Ashik Veysel.

Ashik which also means “lover” in the Turkish language, brings the folk poet tradition to light, a genuine Anatolian cultural memory, through the true-life story of globally known master Ashik Veysel.

In this very first movie of Bilal Babaoglu, Sufism and music reunite with sorrow and become a universal power free of language, religion, race, or ethnicity.


Love is Blind

Drama, Music

Deniz Film

90 Min

 Uğur Aslan, Emirhan Kartal, Meltem Miraloğlu, Yeliz Satıroğlu, Hülya Şen