A family of swindlers flees from Istanbul to a small coastal town. When they are involved in an accident, they meet Zarife, a beautiful but stubborn country girl who is the only person who knows the secret formula of a magical ointment.

Feeling the opportunity to become rich, family man Şinasi encourages his sons Savaş ve Barış to win Zarife’s heart to seize the recipe. The winner will also receive a new car.
So, Savaş, a macho gambler, and his brother Barış, a romantic rogue, begin to compete, but they both end up falling in love with her.


Recipe for Love


Comedy, Drama


Limon Film


60 Min. x 49 Episodes



Ekin Mert Daymaz, Algı Eke, Burak Çelik, Öykü Çelik