Four women employed as domestic workers in four different homes have one thing in common, they are all hired from the same Domestic Labor office.

Basma runs away from her father’s house to avoid an arranged marriage with an old rich man. During her business studies at the university, Amal falls in love with a student, Ahmad. However, she does not neglect to tell her that she works as a maid in her grandmother’s house.

Ehssane is a desperate mother trying to raise money for her only daughter’s surgery.
Karima from the Saiidi region (a rural region of Egypt) finally gets pregnant for the first time after many years of trying. However, right after the birth, his mistress comes and kidnaps the baby.

Sisters is a social drama and romance series that sheds light on the lives of four maids who are determined to live a dignified life and achieve their dreams despite all the tough and compelling circumstances.




Drama, Romance


Cedars Art


45 Min. x 70 Episodes


Kaled Selim, Sahar El Sayegh, Heba Magdy, Nicole Saba, Mayar Al Gheity