Amira is an orphaned girl raised by her selfish sister Salma and her gambler husband Abdallah. Amira suffered a lot during her stay with them. Especially after she learns that Abdullah sold himself to another man because of gambling, her world falls apart.

Amira decides to run away and finds solace in the arms of her half-brother’s cousin, Jaber. Amira works hard to face all her fears and prove herself to society. Thanks to her strong will, ambition, and the support of her loving husband, she becomes one of the best lawyers in Lebanon.

In her effort to elevate her career, she pays less attention to her marriage. Until the day she faces a huge case which, if she accepts, would lead her to face all over again the hardships of her childhood and make an unthinkable decision that will turn her life upside down!

Will Amira be able to make the right decision?


The Path


Drama, Social


Ceadrs Art


45 Min. x 30 Episodes


Nadine Nassib Njeim, Abed Fahed, Majdi Machmouchi, Rita Harb