We follow the story of the transformation of Yunus, who lives in one of the Anatolian villages caught in war and violence, into Yunus Emre, who blends love and romance and has a very important place in the world with his thoughts and poems.

The great regret he experiences by choosing to console himself with wheat will push him to a quest. This quest will be such a quest that he will say goodbye to everyone he loves, especially to Balım Kız, who he is in love with, and hit the road.

In his journey to reach Divine Love, which is the greatest of loves, he meets all the saints of Anatolia and asks them to guide him, without knowing that what he is looking for is actually within himself.

Considered one of the most important thinkers of history, not only in Anatolia but also in the universal arena, Yunus Emre’s ideas, one of the pioneers of humanism, have survived centuries and reached today.

The movie tells the life of the famous thinker, on the axis of universal thoughts of peace and love, and brings the audience together with Yunus Emre, who is looking for himself on the path of love.



Original Title

Yunus Emre Aşkın Sesi


97 min




Kürşat Kızbaz


Devrim Ekin, Nilay Cafer, Altan Erkekli


Yunus Emre Sound of Love