The serial revolve around the stories of Animals that accompanied prophets and were at their service, undergoing exciting events and were the main themes of miracles in Quranic verses, such as the CROW, sent by God to Cain, to show him how to hide the wrong doing and teach him how to bury his brother Abel, and the story of the Bird of Abraham that the prophet had slaughtered and dispersed all over the mountain then sought its revival and she returned to him pleading, and the story of the Dog who has lived the experience of death, over three hundred and nine years along with the People of the Cave …

And other animals that had accompanied the prophets throughout their lives and had the chance to play a significant role in their stories. The Series, shed light on these creatures that have been lost in what seems to have been the greater light of prophets. This resulted in the Qossas el­Hiyawan fil Qur’an (Animal Stories From Qur’an). But how were the lives of these animals before they met these prophets? How the Quranic verses were revealed to them and what these verses have changed in them?



Original Title

Animal Stories


30 x 20 min


3D Edutainment


Cedars Art


Animal Stories

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