Judge Safieddine is a wise thoughtful man, and wise is called a man who has a good heart and a kind soul. When Salma, his daughter, became a mother of two, Safa and Safaa, he opted to leave her the freedom of raising her children as she sees fit; assuming she will follow the same values and principles he nurtured in her, but at the same time, he was watching closely…

He noticed the children are spoiled. They seem arrogant, conceited and undisciplined. it was the moment for him to interfere with stories to fiil their souls and open their young hearts. Today I will tell you a story- a Marvelous Story from the Qur’an, he told Salma and the two grandchildren, ‘and just as I did with Salma when she was young, every day I will come with a new story, a piece of wisdom to instill ethical behavior and good manners.’ ‘I know them well,’ yelled Salma. ‘These are new stbries that you have never heard before. Do not rush a storyteller,’ he answered gently, as Wadida politely kept them company, and there, the story began…



Original Title

Marvelous Stories


30 x 20 min


3D Edutainment


Cedars Art


Marvelous Stories

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