Safieddine, The Judge’s grandson had grown to become a youngman mastering the art of bow and arrow. One day while he was playing, he hit a dove with a bow. His grandfather blamed him for injuring such a gentle creature, but while examining the wound, they realized a letter written in Latin words has been attached to the bird.

Strange as it may seem, the letter revealed delicate secrets, details about the kingdom and people’s lives and movements across the market place. It was sent from a spy to the army commander of the Franks. Immediately, the governing council of Prince Khalid al-Khalifa and the Judge gathered along with the Head of the Police, who was assigned the task to decrypt the mysteries of the message before the kingdom is under attack by the army of the Franks. And stories went on… stories of As-Sahabah, the Prophet’s companions in light of verses from the Holy Quran.



Original Title

Verses Stories


30 x 20 min


3D Edutainment


Cedars Art


Verses Stories

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