Kemal and Isabel have decided to quit their life of crime, but they are forced to take on one last job to be able to continue their lives. They contact Kostirik, who leads them to the tailor. The tailor presents them with a few alternatives, and they ultimately choose a shady businessman

with a questionable past.

The businessman's daughter is getting married, and a family gathering will take place in the mansion's garden over the weekend. Isabel and Kemal successfully infiltrate the house as employees. However, the elderly grandmother of the house, who sits in a wheelchair, points at them and exclaims, "They are thieves!" In reality, the grandmother, who has a failing memory, tends to label every stranger in the house the same way.

As Kemal and Isabel pursue the Faberge egg they came to steal, they realize that they've stumbled into a family full of intrigue.

While everyone in the house is undermining each other and the future groom is trapping Isabel in the corners, will they be able to get what they came for and escape from this chaos?



Original Title

Katakulli Gözükaralar


90 min




Silver Entertainment


Yağız Can Konyalı, Jessica May, Ecem Karavus


The Ruse Deuce