Kemal and Isabel start living together. From now on, they will live a modest life that does not include

stealing, but they will not give up their bad temper! They steal by hiding it from each other, as Mr. and Mrs. Smith way.

The story of this chapter begins when the lie between them is revealed when they both enter the same house to steal. They both swear that they will never steal again. Until Rocco appears before them...

They still owe him a debt and they will either pay it back with their lives or do a job for Rocco. Neither Isabel nor Kemal can object. Moreover, what Rocco wants them to steal is Rocco's daughter whom his ex-wife kidnapped from him.

It was easy to kidnap the child, and the child was already willing to go to his father. Both Kemal and Isabel are pleasant; They will hand the child over to his father, Rocco, and the job will be over. However, the real problem is the journey they take with this very grumpy child.



Original Title

Katakulli Tuzak


89 min




Silver Entertainment


Yağız Can Konyalı, Jessica May, Ayhan Sicimoğlu


The Ruse Trap