Ahmet, Murat, and Sadi are three actors who dream of making a movie. They host a documentary called ‘Vocation Stories’ to raise the money. But, when the show is not aired, they set out to shoot a better episode. Ahmet yearns for the days in which he played the leading role. And he complains that his past achievements are being ignored. He thinks that he is no longer known and therefore reproaches everyone. 

While trying to do his profession, Murat is experiencing difficulties in working with his ex-girlfriend. Sadi left the customs office to become an actor, dealing with money and family problems. He works as a supporting cast in the show and has no other income than Vocation Stories. So the most important thing for Sadi is that the show airs, and they continue to get paid. Meanwhile, the producer and production team of the show complicate matters.



Original Title

İşler Güçler


31 x 90 min




Limon Film


Murat Cemcir, Ahmet Kural, Sadi Celil Cengiz


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Lies of Fame
Lies of Fame
Lies of Fame

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