Çelebi Family, a well-established, well-known, and one of the most successful families in Bursa looks like a perfect, wealthy, connected, happy, conservative, dignified, and appreciated family from the outside.

The textile workshop that Baba Asaf Çelebi established with only two primitive looms years ago has turned into the most advanced textile factory in Turkey. Now, it has become a holding company that produces fabrics and clothing for America and Europe.

Behind all this is Galip Çelebi, the eldest son of the family. A natural, well-intentioned, charismatic, and hardworking man, Galip has always been a good son. He married Hanzade Birkol and had a son in the third year of his marriage: Ömer Asaf.

Galip and his brother Akın Çelebi are the two heirs of this empire, who are admired both in the business world and in their circles. Their mother, Esmanur Hanım, is one of the strongest women of the Bursa gentry. Galip’s wife, Hanzade, is the luckiest bride.

The growing discord between Galip and Hanzade years ago seems to have been shelved with the birth of their son. Since principles and family came first for Galip, the institution of marriage continued with Hanzade’s pregnancy. For Galip, who is extremely fond of his son Ömer Asaf, what they expect from marriage and love has turned into a family father and a goal of success in business life.

The inside of this family, where everything seems normal, even perfect, is actually a Burned Cocoon. The fate of Galip Çelebi and the entire family is suddenly turned upside down by a terrible tragedy. The big secret, which happened ten years ago and kept from Galip, is revealed in the autumn of 2005, and the unraveling begins. That big family; It’s not even a real family…



Original Title

Yanık Koza


105 x 45 min




Limon Yapım


Çolpan İlhan, Yavuz Bingöl, Başak Köklükaya, Mete Horozoğlu, Sedef Avcı


Burned Cocoon
Burned Cocoon
Burned Cocoon
Burned Cocoon
Burned Cocoon

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