“Istanbul Kurtuluş Vocational High School” senior students are unaware of what will happen to them after a few hours while getting on the bus waiting for them in the garden of the school to go on a camping trip, which is a performance project before graduation. They set out for a camp in a mountain village. This group which includes the smartest, most popular, quietest, most vagrant, bullied students of the school, will graduate prepared for life when the camp returns. The bus, which they ride cheerfully, first enters the wrong road with the mistake of its driver. 

The driver looks tired and passes out after a while. The bus rolls down a cliff. Nehir, Asiye, Yaren, Beste, Defne and Selim, who will be added to them later, are the lucky six students who survived the accident. From the outside they get along very well, in reality, these are five different girl characters who struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of the forest. Nature is not the only enemy they will fight against, but mostly each other and their fears within themselves. They don’t have smartphones in their hands. 

The money in their pockets, their beautiful faces, and the power of their families, anything that makes them so privileged is worthless. Nobody even knows that they had an accident. They are alone with cold, hunger, and despair. They will enter into a great struggle to survive, they will try to dominate each other with the sickle they have in their hands, and then they will face death and the fact that there is a murderer among them. And none of them will be the people before the accident.



Original Title

Kurtuluş Lisesi


13 x 25 min




Han Medya


Müge Uğurlar

Screen Writers

Makbule Kosif, Gülsev Karagöz


Miray Akay, Aslıhan Kapansahin, Cansu Sabanci, Aslihan Karalar, Sedef Calisir, Cagla Boz, Erdem Sanli



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