Nohman is a wealthy furniture merchant who owns a furniture factory and several galleries in Domiatt. Nohman lives with his wife Najla, three daughters, and son Khaled from his late wife. Khaled is autistic. Still, Nohman wants Khaled to have children.

He organizes an arranged marriage between Khaled and Karima. Karima is a good simple girl who promises to take care of Khaled. Karima gets pregnant. Khaled’s sisters and stepmother conspire against her and accuse her of pregnancy as extramarital.

Unfortunately, Khaled believes his stepmother and tries to kill Karima. Karima runs away with her child in her womb. Karima gives birth to a healthy baby Kamal and runs away to Cairo to raise him far from the Nohman family.

She raises Kamal alone. 25 years pass, hiding from him the reason why they live away from family. However, one day, she has to confront them while her son is with her. This situation shakes Kamal deeply and his self-confidence falls.

Meanwhile, Nohman’s daughters plan to do a fake DNA test for Kamal. They seduce one of the nurses and make the test result negative.

However, after a while, everything turns upside down, and the Nohman family falls into a deep crisis of poverty. This new situation forces the family to put aside their greed and struggle together. Finally, they accept Kamal into the family.



Original Title

The Hajj Nohman Family


70 x 45 min




Cedars Art


Taim Hasan, Salah Abdallah, Yousra Al Lawzi


The Hajj Nohman Family


The Hajj Nohman Family
The Hajj Nohman Family
The Hajj Nohman Family

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