Khwarzmshahs and Mongol Empire are the two ruling forces of the era. While Genghis Khan’s attack on the Chinese Empire is underway, his gaze also turns towards the lands of the Khwarazmshah. At the Khwarazmshah throne sits Sultan Alaeddin, although most of his military forces swore allegiance to Türkan Hatun, the Sultans’ mother.

Türkan Hatun does not hesitate to use her influence to the fullest as she is determined to rule the entire empire. The heir to the throne Jalaleddin, a wise youth, famed soldier, and beloved of his people is far away from these conflicts, leading his struggles against the enemies of the Khwarazmshah. He believes that Genghis Khan plans to subjugate the whole world and that a counter-offensive is the only way out. His brother, Uzlag shah, in envy of the throne himself, is an obstacle that springs in front of him at every corner, along with Kutlu Bike, an imprisoned captive with whom he will fall in love.

In addition, one of the primary targets of the Assassins, who acted on behalf of the Khan and whose aim was to cause strife in the lands of the Kwarazmshahs, was Celaleddin.



Original Title

Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin


53 x 45 min






Bozdağ Film


Emre Kıvılcım, Yulduz Rajabova, Javohir Zokirov, Tohir Saidov, Cemal Hünal


The Sultan and Khan
The Sultan and Khan
The Sultan and Khan
The Sultan and Khan
The Sultan and Khan

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