As the name of the show already implies, this show is about giving people a chance to start all over again. The candidates with different life stories want a change in their lives and they are assisted and supported by a professional team. This professional team, also the Jury on the show, is composed of famous people from different areas such as fashion, dance, personal training, etiquette, and more. Next to their jury duties on the show, they aim to educate and push the candidates to their limits for a successful changing process. As this show requires high motivation and discipline, the candidates need to perform different acts and accomplish tasks from various fields. The audience gets the chance to follow the progress and the challenges of the candidates from Monday to Friday. There are fourteen candidates consisting of 7 men and 7 women who share the same house and the same goal:

Making it to the finals. Every week there is a final where 1 man and 1 woman with less progress are dismissed and their path on the show comes to an end. Where their path to a new life ends, two new candidates get the chance to join the show.

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A New Life

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