This is a show that is a trend for the last ten years where people come to find the love of their lives or a matching partner to marry. The candidates on the show express their expectations of a partner they desire to marry and almost every day they get the chance to meet those who are interested in them until they find the right candidate.

The concept is simple: A candidate who is already on the show is asked to join the special platform next to the hosts and waits for that special moment to meet his or her soon-to-be partner. The first meeting and small talk take about 5 to 10 minutes and they need to ask several questions in order to get to know the person in that short amount of time. 

After the small talk, the hosts start the decision round and at the end the candidate has to decide if she or he is interested in that person or if they want to wait for new candidates. The audience gets to see the entire progress of the relationship, and in case everything works out for both parties the engagement and wedding take place on the show. This show is known for its high ratings and its loyal audience who follow their favorite candidates through the first dates, heartbreaking life stories and breakups until they find the right partner to marry.

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Will You Marry Me


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Will You Marry Me

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