Asiye is a young girl trying to live with her cruel stepmother and overbearing father in a poor neighborhood. She becomes pregnant by her lover, but her lover vehemently refuses to marry her. Asiye stabs her boyfriend with all her anger.

Now Asiye has no choice but to flee from her already hated neighborhood. Her sister Mine also does not leave Asiye alone.

Two sisters with no money in their pockets have to hitchhike. The car they are driving belongs to the grandson of one of the richest people in the country. The path they take will take them to a completely different place than they thought and will change the fate of four people forever.

After taking Mine and Asiye in their car, Çetin and his girlfriend Selen start an argument. Çetin pulls the car to the edge of a cliff. While the two are arguing, Çetin accidentally pushes his girlfriend off the cliff. Asiye recorded everything that happened with her cell phone’s camera.

Asiye makes a quick plan. She changes her identity with Selen. Mine will tell her family that her sister is dead, so Asiye will get rid of her family and the stabbing. Çetin will introduce Asiye to his family as his fiancee, and in this way, he will get away with murder.
Her plans work somehow. Asiye’s family takes Selen’s unrecognizable corpse as their daughter, and Çetin’s family welcomes Asiye into their home.

However, Asiye will not be able to get rid of her dark past no matter what.

She will carry her stepmother’s passion, the dark traces of the past, and the mud of the Ghetto into her glamorous, rich new life.


Stolen Life




Limon Film


45 Min. x 100 Episodes



Özlem Yılmaz, Engin Hepileri, Ushan Çakır